Stephen F Austin Stripped of All Wins & Titles from 2013-2019 By The NCAA

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association completely dropped the hammer on Stephen F. Austin University this week, classifying their misdeeds over the last 6 years as a “Level I violation,” that will cost them big time.

When the 2016 Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks defeated West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament, everybody celebrated the stunning accomplishment as they took down the #3 seed by 14 points. That team narrowly missed advancing to the Sweet 16 when they lost to Notre Dame by only one point.

Unfortunately, SFA now has to vacate 289 wins and conference championships due to inaccurately certifying players’ eligibility from 2013-2019.

Via East Texas Matters:

  • 117 men’s basketball wins (including their 2016 NCAA tournament victory)
  • 112 baseball wins
  • 31 softball wins
  • 29 football wins
  • 3 men’s basketball conference championships

82 student athletes were incorrectly certified as “eligible” over that time period. On top of that, SFA is banned from football, baseball, and basketball for 1 year, and will serve 3 years of probation after that.

The university will also have to shell out $5,000 and forfeit one-half of one percent of the total budgets for both football and men’s basketball.

The Lumberjacks will also be forced to return half of the financial share earned from participation in the 2016 NCAA Tournament – plus, lose 2.5% of the scholarships in football, 5% of the scholarships in in baseball, and 1 basketball scholarship for the next 2 years.