Larry Johnson Exposes “Freemason” Stephen Jackson Sacrificing George Floyd (TWEET)

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson is back at it accusing a celebrity of sacrificing somebody close to them to a powerful elite society in exchange for wealth.

The bizarre twitter attack has to do with the country engaging in protests in different cities over the viral death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Johnson posted a screenshot from former NBA player Stephen Jackson’s Instagram account where he posted a picture of a garment that had a huge eye and some symbolism on it.

Jackson captioned it: “My fathers Mason Brothers 33 gave me something to cherish.”

“Salute to all his Mason brothers.”

Johnson had this to say:

“Just like Trayvon Martin, y’all rioting and looting over another Freemason sacrifice to bring you closer to dying in the street.

Enjoy tho.

Via: Stephen Jackson Instagram/April 17, 2016″

Johnson has been known to use his social media reach to accuse people of belonging to secret societies and cults.

“Im sorry it’s hard for you to swallow that top tier professional athletes of this generation are flirting with secret society/mystery Babylonian religions: Baal/Baphomet that include disgusting sacrifices,” he wrote in September when former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown was accused of sexual assault.

Johnson played nine years in the NFL, where he broke the league record for most rushing attempts in a season in 2006.