LeBron Blasts Buffalo Cops That Shoved Elderly Man To Ground During Protest (VIDEO)

LeBron James continued his pledge that will he will continue to be “louder than ever” as protests continue in the streets of basically every major American city.

The Los Angeles Lakers star took to Twitter and used his massive social media platform to shine a light on police brutality when he shared a video from Buffalo, New York, where a police officer shoved an elderly man off balance, causing him to bleed out of his ear.

“And I heard they put out a statement that he supposedly tripped and fell down. Man What!!!!! Don’t make no damn sense people. Don’t matter what color your skin is if you’re not angry seeing this you’re part of the problem too!”

According to USA TODAY, the man who was shoved is “”alert and oriented” and two Buffalo police officers have been suspended.

Protests have continued to rage and the police response in many cities has been thoroughly aggressive in response.