Paige Spiranac Opens Up About Dating B-Ball, Baseball, Golfers, Football, & Hockey Players

Paige Spiranac has dated a ton of men in her lifetime. She is an insanely attractive woman that will always garner a bunch of attention whenever she walks into any room.

With more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Paige Spiranac knows what to do to get attention to her, and it has led to several relationships in the sporting world.

The popular social media star opened up about her athlete dating history on her recent “Playing A Round with Paige Renee” podcast.

The 27-year-old did not hold back.

“At some point or another, yes,” she said when asked if she’s dated all types of athletes. “Well, maybe not all athletes, but the main sports.”

On basketball players:

“Too busy playing ‘Call of Duty’ to text you back, and has lied about being shorter than they really are for some weird reason,” Spiranac said. “He has an Instagram aesthetic that doesn’t involve you.”

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On baseball players:

“I think out of all of the sports, I have probably dated the most baseball players, especially in college. So, I have a lot here,” she said.

“He wears either a gold chain or a rope necklace.”

On golfers:

“His hairline is the only thing less reliable than his commitment to your relationship,” she said, before adding, “he prefers to perform in silence.”

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On football and hockey players:

Her “favorites.”

“His weaknesses include complimenting you and cocktail waitresses,” she said.