Floyd Mayweather Got Challenged To A Fight When He ‘Tried To Steal’ UFC Star’s GF At A Las Vegas Pool Party

In the boxing ring, Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, but he almost caught his first loss a few years ago when he tried to push up on another man’s girlfriend.

UFC star Aljamain Sterling was actually the first MMA star to offer to fight Floyd Mayweather way before he would meet Conor McGregor in the boxing ring. It all started on one fateful day at a Las Vegas pool party in 2015.

Mayweather showed up a pool party with his massive crew where Sterling and his teammates were having drinks when the boxer began pointing at Sterling’s girlfriend, suggesting that she should come down and meet him in his area.

She turned him down, but he was unrelentless as he continued to signal for her to come down before sending a member of TMT (The Money Team) to try and convince her to meet ‘Money’.

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Here is Sterling account of what happened:

“So, pretty much we get there and Mayweather’s not even there yet, but we’re on top of the mezzanine drinking or whatever and later on that morning he strolls through with about 30 guys and he had his Louis Vuitton beach towel on and everyone’s watching his entrance,” he recalled.

“We all go to the railing to see it, and then we’re like show’s over, we just saw who came in and so no big deal. I’m a fan of Mayweather but I’m not some jockey. I saw the guy walk in, OK that’s cool, and then I go about my own business the rest of the day.

“I guess my girlfriend was still over there at the railing looking over with my training partner’s girlfriend and (Mayweather) points up to her and she’s looking around and they look at each other and she’s like ‘I think he’s pointing at you’ (gesturing towards Sterling’s girlfriend).

“She points at herself and he nods like ‘Yeah, you.’ She didn’t really pay him no mind, she just kind of shook her head like ‘I’m with somebody’ and she’s laughing about it and blushing a little bit.”

Sterling continued by saying: “After that, he sends a guy up there. So, he comes up by the end, by security, and we come down there. I guess he was telling someone to call the girls and we both end up speaking to the guy. I was like, ‘I don’t think this guy realises what he’s getting himself into.’

“I don’t care how many guys he’s with, he needs to realise this isn’t the place where he just picks out any girl he wants and that’s not how it works over here by our section.

“He was like ‘You guys can both come over’ and I was like ‘No thanks, I’m straight.’ And at the end of the day if my girlfriend went, it’s kind of like – she can obviously find her bags outside the hotel room, if you get my drift on that. But, so he sends that guy over and I pretty much tell him like it is – I’m an undefeated MMA fighter, you’re an undefeated boxer. If you really want to find out what’s better MMA or boxing today, you can come over and we can figure this out.

“I told him to send him that message and he obviously didn’t send the message because he sends over a girl and I said to the girl, ‘I’m pretty sure your other boy didn’t tell him the message,’ and she was like ‘What message?’

“And so, I said, ‘I’m going to tell you the same thing I told him.’ And I told her the same thing and that’s when Weidman was over there.

“I guess he points up at her again and she points in the direction like, ‘I have a boyfriend’ and hopefully he gets what she’s saying. But then he’s pointing at his girl and her hair and I guess they had the same hair. So, he sends the girl over again and tells me the same story to come down there with her. And I said, ‘If I go down there with her, I know how this goes – she gets in, I get stopped and I create a scene and someone gets shot or someone gets hurt and I’m probably going to get arrested.’ One of those two things were going to happen

“The security guard who was there said he tries to do that every single time. He was like ‘Most people don’t know what to do because it’s Mayweather and he just kind of comes here and does his own thing.’ And I was like ‘I don’t give a f**k, and I’m not going over there. So, he’s going to have to come over here, so if anything happens it’s where the rest of us were hanging out.’

“That’s pretty much the story right there. I wasn’t really upset. I mean, I guess it’s cool he was looking at my girlfriend thinking she’s hot, but at that point it was just kind of annoying. This ain’t no groupie-love thing.”

When it was all said and done, there was no fight or brawl. In the end Chris Weidman got a picture with the boxing legend.