Reggie Miller Goes Scorched-Earth On NYPD Police Chief For Crying About Being Treated Unfairly (TWEET)

Reggie Miller has zero sympathy for the NYPD police chief who sent out a fiery rant about how his police force has been mistreated of late.

The basketball Hall of Famer and current TNT broadcaster took to Twitter, posted the video, and blasted them all.

It is unfair that they are being judged collectively for the indecency of some on their side, but the same can also be said for minorities who have been mistreated due to the actions of others as well.

The chief made it clear during his speech, “that’s not what we do,” pertaining to the “disgusting” act by the Minneapolis police officer that put his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and murdered him.

Not exactly a good point to make, since the NYPD was responsible for the death of Eric Garner who was choked and killed by cops as he screamed about not being able to breathe back in 2014.