St. John’s Coach Fired After Saying Abe ‘Lincoln Made Mistake’ Freeing Enslaved Black People (VIDEO)

With so many protests going on across the country to denounce racial injustice and police brutality, public figures continue to screw themselves over by showing the world who they truly are by making racist and insensitive comments.

St. John’s fencing assistant coach Boris Vaksman is now feeling the backlash over his disgusting words.

Earlier this month, Vaksman stated that Abraham Lincoln made a mistake when he freed the slaves during a Zoom call, according to Yahoo Sports.

Vaksman was fired for his comments this past Wednesday. In a statement, St. Johns’s athletic director Michael Cragg rebuked Vaksman and declared his words “completely unacceptable.”

“As soon as the recording was brought to our attention the matter was immediately investigated and the individual no longer works at the university,” St. John’s Athletic Director Michael Cragg wrote in a statement. “The racist comments expressed are completely unacceptable and a rejection of everything for which the university stands.”

Here’s that video:

He has reportedly been suspended from the prestigious Fencers Club in New York City and USA Fencing is also considering action.