WWE Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Yells “Kobe” After Shooting Something Into Trash Can (VIDEO)

Kobe Bryant is and will forever be a legend for what he did on and off the court.

The late Los Angeles Lakers great is so deeply ingrained in the culture that millions of people can’t help but to yell his name after shooting a basketball or anything that is around them into something else.

Such was the case when WWE legend ‘The Undertaker’ was doing an interview, shot something into a trash can, and yelled his name afterwards.

Appearing on a Instagram Q&A, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry talked about Undertaker‘s longevity and comparison to Kobe Bryant.

Mark Henry on Kobe Bryant comparison to the Undertaker and how difficult he is to wrestle the Undertaker:

“It is VERY difficult. And I tell people all the time. I have wrestled Ric Flair. I wrestled Shawn Michaels. Wrestled Triple H. and Vader and Stone Cold, The Rock, Ron Simmons. Like you go down the list of the top 50 greatest wrestlers and if they were ’95 and ’96 and now, I probably was in the ring with them in some capacity. Being in the ring with the Undertaker was completely DIFFERENT. I can stand 4 feet, 5 feet away from him and you can’t hear ANYTHING.

It’s like a jet engine going on in your ear. And you can feel like – there was a time in the late 80’sand the early 90’s when everybody truck had the boom in it. Everybody had the woofers and the 6 by 9’s and the amps. When you’re in the ring with the Undertaker, it does your clothes just like that. You can feel it. It’s not even the sound.

It’s that nervous energy. It’s electricity that’s produced and all you have to do is watch the crowd when Undertaker comes. Everybody stands up! And it’s like everybody’s focused on the slow walk to the ring and if you can’t get into it, then you need to turn the TV off and watch something else. Because that’s the most electrifying, entertaining, outstanding thing about pro wrestling that I’ve ever experienced.”