LeBron Says NFL Still Owes Colin Kaepernick An Apology: He ‘Sacrificed Everything’ (VIDEO)

LeBron James believes the NFL still needs to issue a formal apology to Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Jason Kelly, the Los Angeles Lakers star acknowledged the NFL is doing a better job of listening to its Black players but that the league should apologize to Kaepernick directly (starting at 1:47):

“As far as the NFL, I’m not in those locker rooms, I’m not with those guys. But I do understand that an apology – I have not heard a true, official apology to Colin Kaepernick on what he was going through and what he was trying to tell the NFL and tell the world about why he was kneeling when he was doing that as a San Francisco 49er,” James said. “So, I just see that to still be wrong, and now they are listening some, but I still think we have not heard that official apology to a man who basically sacrificed everything for the better of this world.”

Goodell released a video statement earlier this month where he stated the league was “wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.”

Colin Kaepernick’s name wasn’t mentioned in the video, but the commissioner did “encourage” a team to sign Kaepernick “if he wants to resume his career in the NFL.”