Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Eviscerates Donald Trump On FOX News (VIDEO)

During a Tuesday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Mark Cuban not only voiced his support for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, he also dismissed President Donald Trump’s interest in running a country at all.

The Dallas Mavericks owner said Biden “a hundred percent, absolutely” has the stamina and alertness to be president, then noted, “Donald Trump doesn’t want to run a country. He wants to run a campaign. Joe Biden actually wants to run a country.”

Hannity: “Do you believe that he has the strength, the stamina, the mental acuity, the alertness to be taking on what is the toughest job in the world — being the president of the United States. Do you in your heart believe he does?”

Cuban: “Yes, 100%. Absolutely, no question about it. Donald Trump doesn’t want to run a country, he wants to run a campaign. Joe Biden actually wants to run a country.”

After Hannity said Cuban was just providing a “bumper sticker” slogan, the “Shark Tank” star then praised former president Barack Obama’s administration:

“Obama and Biden, they took over after the last really bad recession and grew the economy continuously, but when they had a problem to solve — which was the great recession 12 years ago — they solved it,” Cuban explained when discussing how much, if any, credit for the current economy should be taken by Trump and his administration.

Cuban called the Affordable Care Act Obama and Biden’s “greatest accomplishment,” then lamented “it’s unfortunate” the Trump administration “is trying to dismantle it.”