Arizona Cardinals WR Arrested After Driving Camaro Into Lake Erie (PICS)

Not exactly the best way to start your NFL career.

On Friday, rookie wide receiver Jermiah Braswell was arrested for DUI after he drove his Camaro into Lake Erie.


“Police say witnesses told officers that the driver of the Camaro had driven off the embankment and came to rest in the lake, and added Braswell was at a very high rate of speed when he left the roadway. He traveled through a grassy area, and flew off the embankment into the lake, according to police records.

To make matters worse, Braswell was found by officers in the driver’s seat still attempting to drive forward. He told crews he was stuck and didn’t know what happened, according to police.

“Police say officers noticed Braswell’s speech was slurred and he was unable to explain how he ended up in the water.

He submitted to standardized field sobriety tests, after which he was arrested for driving under the influence, according to police.

Police records show Braswell agreed to a breath test, which showed his BAC exceeded Ohio’s legal limit. The player refused to submit to a chemical test to determine his BAC.”

Braswell played as a wide receiver at Youngstown State University and later joined the Arizona Cardinals.