Ezekiel Elliott Admits To Being ‘Low Key Faded’ While Forgetting He’s On A Livestream (VIDEO)

Ezekiel Elliott is having some type of month of June.

Earlier this month, the Dallas Cowboys running back was said to have tested positive for the coronavirus, although he never intended for that information to get out.

He clearly has been doing some quarantining, because the running back was recently on a livestream, but he engaged in some activities beforehand that made him forget to end the stream.

We know this because Elliott stated himself in the video that he was ‘faded,’ which led some to believe that he may have been high.

Zeke states, and I quote…

“Bro, I’m low key faded, man.”

“Oh no,  I didn’t even end my stream.”


Watch below…

We’re not sure exactly what he meant by “FADED”, but here’s how the urban dictionary defines it…

When in the presence of another human being under the influence of cannabis, many things about their appearance, speech and characteristics may change. – URBAN DICTIONARY

FADED – Urban Dictionary

Fortunately, it appears that the worst is behind the Dallas Cowboys running back, as far as the coronavirus goes.

He recently described his health as “good” and “normal” after dealing with a cough and shortness of breath.

“I would say I had maybe one or two days when I felt symptoms,” Elliott said. “Even then, it wasn’t too bad. I had a cough and a little bit of shortness of breath. Now, I feel good. I feel normal.”