Bubba Wallace Says Conspiracy Theorists Are Afraid of Change: “Don’t Give A Damn About Them” (VIDEO)

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has recently been at the forefront of pushing for change in the sport, but it appeared to have taken a step back when a noose suddenly appeared in his garage last week in Talledega.

He was largely supported by the NASCAR community as well as his fellow peers.

Since then, Wallace has been the subject of unfounded conspiracy theories that he was part of a plan to plant the noose.

“We’ll never shut them up. They’re afraid of themselves. They’re afraid of change,” Wallace said on Friday of those who had attacked him on social media. “Sometimes those are the people that you can’t help throughout all the chaos in the world. Those are the ones who need the most help. But you quickly realize they don’t give a damn about you and I don’t give a damn about them.”

NASCAR would eventually release the photo of the noose, and many people who orignally thought he was full of it, quickly changed their mind upon seeing that it was actually a noose.

“Let’s focus on racing, let’s focus on how we can continue to push the message of love, compassion and understanding. Let’s help fight the good fight in what’s going on in the world today,” Wallace explained. “Let’s get new fans out to the race track and encourage our fanbase now to welcome them with open arms and show them a good time.”