Terrifying Video Shows Shocking Moment Teen Soccer Player Gets Struck By Lightning, Currently In Coma (VIDEO)

It was just earlier this week when a Russian soccer player had to be put into a coma after he was struck by lightning on the field. It was one of those moments that likely wouldn’t be believed unless you saw it on video.

The below video actually shows the moment Ivan Zaborsky was struck as soon as he kicked the ball. It sent him collapsing to the ground. The 16-year-old goalkeeper was on the field apart from his teammates.

“The teenage goalkeeper, who was training separately from his teammates, was wearing a metal chain around his neck which was struck by the lightning,” the report read.

His girlfriend said he’s in “stable” condition.

“He regained consciousness but due to a strong painful shock he had to be put back into a coma,” she said, via Daily Mail. “His parents are at his bedside. He has a scar around his neck where the lightning hit his chain, and that his lung was damaged. He needs time to stabilize.”

Zaborsky’s sister announced he had woke up several times, but doctors placed him into a coma.