Lamar Jackson Reacted With Disgust Over His Madden 21 Rating (VIDEO)

Lamar Jackson is coming off a record-breaking season that earned him the MVP, but he is not happy this week at all.

The Baltimore Ravens QB was live on ESPN when he received his overall rating of 94 and reacted with complete disgust.

“I wish it was better,” Jackson said Monday evening on SportsCenter. “But hey, it’s better than it was last year. I guess we can roll with it till the season starts.”

“I just think I did better than last year,” Jackson said. “I did a lot more than people expected, and our team did.”

As for what Jackson guessed his rating would be before the big reveal?

“At least 96, 97 probably,” Jackson had said.

Even with the 94 overall rating, Jackson is the game’s fastest quarterback with a 96 speed rating, paired with a 95 overall throw on the run rating, as well as a 94 rating for throwing under pressure. His throw power is 10th in the game at 92 overall.