Rey Mysterio ‘Loses An Eye’ at WWE Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins Pukes! (VIDEO)

Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio in the Eye for an Eye Match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules over the weekend, but that became a secondary topic when he caused Mysterio to lose his previously-injured right eye.

It was seriously like something out of ‘Kill Bill,’ which just like the hit movie, this losing of his eye was totally fake and scripted.

Throughout the match, the two used pliers, kendo sticks, tables, steel chairs, a pen, various tools from inside of a tool box, the corner of the commentary table and rope to try and claw each other’s eyes out.

Rollins nailed Mysterio with a low blow outside of the ring and then drove his eye into the corner.

The referee called for the bell as Mysterio covered up his eye while Rollins backed away in horror.

All part of the storyline.