Mike Tyson Drops Hard-Hitting & Terrifying Training Montage Amid Comeback (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson could be 89-years-old and there would still be thousands of people who wouldn’t dare to test him in a fight.

The former world heavyweight champion once again invited speculation about his potential comeback after the 54-year-old icon posted yet another clip of him sharpening his striking tools in training.

If he wanted to make some insane amount of money, he surely turned it down after he was offered a big $20 million offer to fight in a bare-knuckle match.

“We offered Tyson $20 million and some additional benefits, but he turned it down,” said David Feldman, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship president, to Ring TV. “Who knows what’s going to happen with Mike Tyson?

“(His management team) said he was going to fight in July already, but then they said he was going to fight in August, so who knows what’s going to happen with him.”

Unfortunately, fighting again might not be in the cards for ‘Iron Mike,’ but at least he’s reviving his fame by continually posting his workout videos.