Adrian Wojnarowski Speaks Out On “F–k You” Email To Republican Senator That Got Him Suspended

Earlier this month, social media went nuts after Josh Hawley, a Republican senator from Missouri, had sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, criticizing the league for its relationship with China, to which Adrian Wojnarowski responded with a swift “fuck you.”

ESPN suspended the NBA reporter after he issued an apology.

Two weeks later and Woj is back to breaking news like he never stepped away.

In a New York Post interview by Andrew Marchand, Woj discussed the email, as well as his handling of the fallout from his vulgar response:

“I regretted sending that email,” Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN’s top NBA reporter, told Marchand. “I have not made a habit of doing that, but I sent that one and I regret it.

“I understood the decision they made. I accept it. I left them no choice. You can’t do what I did and not expect there to be consequences. I’m far more comfortable reporting the news, trying to break the news than being the news. I take pride in always letting the story be the news and letting the league be the news. My action caused me to be the news and I regret that.”

NBA Twitter showed their appreciation for Woj being back as the NBA gets closer to starting real games.