Current MLB Player, League Source Reportedly Confirm Video of Yankees Stealing Signs In 2018 Playoffs (VIDEO)

The sign-stealing saga that was unearthed this offseason isn’t over just yet. Now, the New York Yankees are allegedly involved.

Earlier today, former USA Today reporter Michael Schwab broke the internet when he posted video that appeared to show a member of the New York Yankees staff filming the opposing catcher’s signals and then relaying them to another member of the staff.

The caption says it happened during the 2018 playoffs.

Hours later, Schwab would hear back from a current MLB player and league source that confirmed to him his earlier information.

“A current MLB player and league source with knowledge of this video have confirmed to me, via a phone conversation, that this is a video of the Yankees stealing signs during the 2018 playoffs.”

Back in June, a New York judge ruled that a letter sent by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to the Yankees, addressing findings from a 2017 investigation into the team’s supposed sign-stealing scheme, must be unsealed.

Judge Jed Rakoff wrote in the report that the Yankees organization has argued the letter would cause “significant reputational injury.” That’s why, in part, the team is being called to submit a “minimally redacted version of the letter” in order “to protect the identity of the individuals mentioned,” according to The Athletic.

A Yankees official, speaking anonymously to The Athletic, said the team is “not doing this to cover up some smoking gun.”

It appears the Yankees have some explaining to do for 2017 and 2018.