Former Defensive End Malachi Capers Shot In Stomach At Close Range (VIDEO)

Malachi Capers, a former defensive end at Buffalo State, was recently a victim of gun violence and is still recovering from his injuries after getting shot at close range in the stomach.

On Monday, the former defensive end was shot all because he bumped into a guy at a corner store by accident and it led to an argument, according to WKBW.

After the exchange of words, Capers was punched by the guy, which led to Capers chasing and tackling the man to the ground. That’s when the guy pulled out a gun and shot Capers at close range.

Capers is now reportedly in the hospital battling critical injuries.

In a tweet issued Wednesday afternoon, Harrison said their prime suspect, identified as Jeffrey Thurston, was in custody.

“Great kid, hard-worker, his teammates loved him,” Buffalo State Football Head Coach Christian Ozolins said. The best way to describe Capers, he said, is by sharing how he got recruited.

“The recruiting process is all about me, me, me. And it wasn’t it was just about him being given the opportunity and you don’t see many kids with that initiative and roll the dice,” Ozolins said.