Paige Spiranac Reacts To The MLB Suspending Joe Kelly For 8 Games (TWEET)

Social media star Paige Spiranac has weighed in on the hottest sports topic after the Houston Astros took on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The first game was the most notable after Joe Kelly took it upon himself to throw at Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman. He ultimately paid for it after MLB suspended the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher for eight games for his actions.

The eight-game suspension in the 60-game season is one of the biggest in MLB history.

“Under the 60-game format, an eight-game suspension accounts for more than 13% of the schedule. MLB referenced a previous suspension for “intentional throwing” in deciphering punishment for Kelly, who was docked six games for plunking and then fighting with Tyler Austin of the New York Yankees in April 2018,” noted.

Spiranac, like many others, didn’t like that Kelly got suspended for his actions, but none of the Astros players got suspended for actually cheating.

“I think we can all agree it’s not okay to throw at someone’s head but it’s also not okay to cheat. Suspend one, you have to suspend the other. This is stupid,” she tweeted.

Spiranac added more thoughts:

“This wouldn’t even be an issue if the league made an example of the Astros. So it stopped the cheating all together. He was wild that night. I don’t think he deliberately threw at him. Regardless both aren’t okay and should both be handled,” she said.