Gary Sheffield’s Son Roasts Astros Fans Celebrating A Tainted World Series Title, Calls Fans ‘Poor’ (TWEETS)

Over a decade after his final game, Gary Sheffield’s son might not be following him in his footsteps, but he is surely making a name for himself.

The son of the former All-Star slugger provides analysis on those who hit home runs in the clutch and those who fail at the plate and is a rising voice in sports media.

Gary Jr., who is currently works for Outkick, recently took to Twitter and blasted Astros fan for celebrating the 2017 World Series title that has since been proven to have came about because of cheating methods.

He even took a shot at an Astros fan and his bank account:

Gary Jr. played college baseball at two different schools. After a junior college stint, Sheffield hit .324 with a homer, 12 RBIs, and nine doubles in 33 games (18 starts) at Arizona Christian University in 2017.

A year later, Sheffield hit .315 with three RBIs in six doubles in 16 games.