Junior Galette Appears Confident Washington Will Replace Redskins With ‘Red Wolves’

When the “Redskins” name was finally retired by Washington earlier this month, fans took to social media and started helping the team find another one, with the Washington Red Wolves gaining serious momentum in the last few weeks.

The franchise would ultimately go with Washington Football Team on a temporary basis as this process may take well over a year.

Prior to that decision, former Washington pass rusher Junior Galette tweeted that Washington would adopt the name “Red Wolves” for the 2020 season.

Chris Rosvoglou with The Spun had the chance to sit down and speak to Galette about why he was so confident in the team picking the Red Wolves and he stated it’s because it was the “highest bidder” within the organization.

“No, that wasn’t me throwing a name out there,” Galette told The Spun. “That was a name that people from the personnel department told me was the highest bidder to win, but then they went temporarily with the Washington Football Team.”

NBC Sports reported last week that the Washington Football Team had not yet reached out to Arkansas State University about adopting the name, since they’ve used it since 2008.

Only time will tell.