Katie Ledecky Balances Chocolate Milk on Her Head While She Swims Length of Pool (VIDEO)

Katie Ledecky has won five Olympic gold medals in swimming, but her latest video might be her biggest accomplishment yet.

As part of the “Got Milk” Challenge, the 23-year-old swam a full lap in what appears to be a regulation-sized outdoor swimming pool, all while balancing a cup of chocolate milk on her head.

She didn’t spill a single drop of it.

“Possibly one of the best swims of my career! Open for debate,” Ledecky wrote on Twitter.

Ledecky was expected to dominate her second-straight Olympics this summer but the Tokyo games were pushed back to 2021. In the 2016 Rio games she won four gold medals, including individual wins in the 200, 400 and 800 meter freestyle events.