TCU Linebacker Says HC Gary Patterson Used The N-Word, Other Players Blast Him For Lying (TWEETS)

(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

This is such a weird situation.

A TCU linebacker alleges that longtime head coach Gary Patterson used a racial slur while addressing players over the past few days, so he Dylan Jordan took to Twitter and stated that Patterson, who has been the head coach of the Horned Frogs over 20 years, said the n-word multiple times.

The entire defense then reportedly “refused to go to practice” because of Patterson’s actions, according to Jordan’s accusations.

He wrote:

“In a year’s time at TCU I’ve met a lot of people and have really fell in love with the location and atmosphere here…

As a student athlete you go through and do many things others don’t…you learn a lot of things like sacrifice…

On the football side of things, life has been really rocky since arriving at TCU…I was promised early playing time during my recruitment which never happened…I’ve asked way[s] I can get on the field and even suggested moving positions [but that] never happened…

This past Sunday was our 3rd practice of fall camp[.] Coach Patterson called me out for posting my [girlfriend] on national gf day in front of the defense…as practice moved on he approached me and I told him “you should’ve just asked me about it.” He then said “you’re a f* brat I’ll send you back to Pitt. I said “for what I ain’t did nothing” he followed with “you’ve been saying n in the meeting room.” This morning I show up for practice and multiple players approached me and asked if it was true. I told them yes and how everything happened. We refused to go to practice this morning and he cam to the locker room & said “I wasn’t calling him a n*.” This behavior is not okay now or ever and there needs to be repercussions to these actions.”

However, other players began to take to Twitter and clear up any misunderstandings:

TCU has not yet commented on the situation.