Metta World Peace Explains Why He Wouldn’t Kneel for Black Lives Matter If He Still Played (VIDEO)

Retired NBA star Metta World Peace recently spoke about the number of players kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter, but he made sure to not criticize Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac for not kneeling, and he explained that he might have acted similarly.

Peace told TMZ that he likely wouldn’t kneel if he still played in the NBA.

Metta and his son have been seen protesting in the wake of George Floyd’s police involved death in May.

He said that “everybody deserves to have an opinion” on this matter. Peace also said that he personally wouldn’t kneel. “Ain’t no way I’m kneeling. Me, personally, I’m not going to kneel to someone that I don’t like,” Peace told TMZ.

“I’m not kneeling for forgiveness.”

Metta is in support that Isaac is entitled to his own opinion and making his own decision. People should do what they feel is right, Metta said.

”I just wouldn’t kneel because if I kneel I am submitting to my enemy. I would never kneel to my enemy,” Metta said.