Warren Sapp Gets Ripped For Throwing Unnecessary Shots At JJ Redick’s Social Justice Message (TWEETS)

Warren Sapp really didn’t like what JJ Redick had plastered on the back of his jersey.

The NBA returned to action last Thursday as the leagues hopes to crown a winner for the 2019-2020 season.

During a recent game involving the New Orleans Pelicans — Warren Sapp noticed the social justice message that Redick had on his jersey and he took issue with it….for no reason.

“Anybody see this JJ Reddick “Say Their Names” ?? ain’t it say her Name!! #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor Either join in Don’t change the message! #Smmfh”

Redick, who has the message “Say Their Names” on the back of his jersey, is bringing light of the many victims of police violence — not just Breonna Taylor as many people pointed out to Sapp in his comments.