Former WWE Star Marty Jannetty Casually Admits To Murder In Disturbing Social Media Post (PIC)

In a very troubling post on his Facebook account, former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty posted remarks about making someone disappear when he was 13 years old. He added that it was the “very first time” that he “made a man disappear.”

That post has since been deleted, but screenshots were taken.

“I never told no one this, even my brother Geno..cause Geno would’ve killed him, and I didn’t want my brother gone„hell he’d only recently came home from Viet Nam..I was 13, working at Victory Lanes bowling alley buying weed from a f*g that worked there..and he put his hands on me..he dragged me around to the back of the already know what he was gonna try to do..

That was the very first time I made a man disappear..they never found him..they shoulda looked in the Chattahoochie River..but Winnie(the girl in these pics) I likes you so damn much, probably my favorite..but I promised myself way back then, nobody would ever hurt me again..that includes you..I loved you but you hurt me with your f**kin Jamaican can go your own way, I don’t need you.. ”

In response to someone who asked him if he was doing okay, he commented, “Me and Winnie just had a fall out..but, if you’re asking bout the other thing..yes, that was a billion years ago, plus, I have the satisfaction of knowing that BTCH ass nnja never got to do another kid like that..”