Bills DB Tre’Davious White Responds To Critics Trolling Him Over Possible Opt-Out (TWEETS)

(Photo via Getty)

On Wednesday, it was reported that Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre-Davious White was still considering opting out of the 2020 NFL season ahead of today’s 4pm deadline.

The news came out after White himself said on a Zoom call with a reporter that he was still contemplating his decision:

It’s not an easy decision for White, who’s widely considered to be one of the best corners in the game right now. And as you’d expect in this day and age, the news of his possible opt-out was met with plenty of criticism from internet trolls.

In fact, the trolling got so out of hand that White decided to respond on Twitter, citing his family and the passing of his girl’s grandfather from Covid as reasons for his possible decision to opt-out:

Don’t listen to the trolls, Tre’Davious. The sane people in this world know that family and health come first. We have mad respect for whatever decision you make.