Horrifying Crash Leaves Dutch Cyclist Fabio Jakobsen In Coma (VIDEO)

Wednesday’s race at the Tour of Poland was shaping up for an epic finish, but just as the pack of racers who were vying for top spot reached the finish line, disaster struck.

With at least a dozen of the competitors in contention to claim first place, Dylan Groenewegen made a move to the inside, but in doing so, he cut off Fabio Jakobsen, sending the Dutch cyclist over barrier and into a trackside wall at the finish line.

It was a downright frightening scene. Watch at your own discretion:

According to his team (via TMZ), Jakobsen required facial surgery and was placed into a coma. He thankfully avoided any serious neck or spinal injuries and was said to be in stable condition.

Jakobsen’s team also voiced their displeasure with Groenewegen’s move, calling it “criminal.” The officials seemed to agree, as they disqualified him following his first place finish.

Groenewegen took to twitter following the race to apologize for his action:

“I hate what happened yesterday. I can’t find the words to describe how sorry I am for Fabio and others who have been dropped or hit. At the moment, the health of Fabio is the most important thing. I think about him constantly.”

We’re all thinking for Fabio right now, and praying for a safe and full recovery.