Footage Surfaces of Vince McMahon Showing A “Terrified” Rob Gronkowski How To Dive Off Tower (VIDEO)

Vince McMahon has never been scared to jump in the ring when it comes to entertaining the crowd. He’s been doing it for years, despite his advanced age.

When Rob Gronkowski signed on to be in the WWE, he was set to host Wrestlemania 36 that would have zero fans in attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic. There was one segment in the show where he was supposed to jump from the tower he was hosting from so he could win the 24/7 Championship. He did it as we all saw, but that doesn’t mean he was on board with it from the beginning.

McMahon actually had to show him how it was done to let him know how easy it was. That moment was captured by “WWE 24: WrestleMania: The Show Must Go On”:

According to Fightful, a WWE star reached out to them and said that Gronk was “terrified” of the dive, and that he had the benefit of a dozen of the biggest NXT guys catching him.

“Even after Vince McMahon did the spot, it took a significant amount of time to convince Gronkowski. The low angle you saw on TV was because production had to make it look better as Gronk bent his knees and practically fell off the platform “like a toddler jumping into the pool for the first time.”

Here’s that moment: