Diana Taurasi Appears To Threaten Ref After Getting Technical: ‘I’ll See You In The Lobby Later’ (VIDEO)

Diana Taurasi is one of the best basketball players on the planet and easily one of the two or three best players to play in the WNBA of all-time.

That doesn’t mean she immune to having moments that make you get wide-eyed and shocked, which is what happened during a recent game on Friday night.

An official had just called a shooting foul on Taurasi as she was defending Napheesa Collier in the middle of the third quarter, when she was forced to throw a technical foul her way fro arguing about it.

Once that technical foul was assessed, Taurasi let it go by stating she would see her later on in the lobby.

“I’ll see you in the lobby later.”

Living on the same campus as Diana Taurasi and calling a technical foul appears to be very detrimental for that ref.