Ex-Racecar Driver Renee Gracie Wears Provocative Lingerie While Doing Laundry (PIC)

Renee Gracie has been all over the news in 2020 when she competed full time in v8 supercars, only to leave the sport entirely to embark on taking her talents to Onlyfans.

Gracie recently revealed her father encouraged her to continue when she admitted she thought about quitting her new career in adult entertainment. Gracie has her own website where she sells pictures and movies for a monthly subscription fee.

“When I first started making serious money I had to tell my dad, I thought ‘oh my god, I’m making so much money, he’s going to start figuring it out (and asking) where are you getting all this money from?’ So I just told him,” Gracie told the Hit Network’s Hughesy and Ed on Thursday.

“I had a little bit of a rough time on Only Fans, it does get hard to try and be creative all the time, I turned to my dad and said ‘I’m just over it, I don’t think I’m going to do it anymore,’

“And he actually said ‘don’t stop, you’re making so much money, don’t stop’. He actually encouraged me to keep doing it because it’s been life-changing and if anyone was in the position to make this kind of money everyone would try and do it.

“To actually have that support when times have got tough is really good.

“My family and friends don’t really care or see the content that I make or what I do, they see the implications it has — the money and the things it’s allowing me to do. That’s why they support it.”

She put her creative brain back in full gear recently, when she took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself rocking sexy lingerie and doing laundry while at a laundromat.

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How often do you do your washing 🤪

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If her subscribers stay loyal, Gracie is well on the way to being a millionaire – if she isn’t already.