MMA’s Tara LaRosa Gets Blasted For Wanting To Support Guy Who Murdered Jacob Blake Protesters (TWEET)

Tara LaRosa may not be a well known MMA fighter, but she certainly changed that on Wednesday when she took to Twitter with a controversial statement.

The 42-year-old wanted to know if there was a legal defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, so she could give her money up to help him.

Social media reacted like so:

If you’re not aware, Kyle Rittenhouse has been arrested after video surfaced showing him shooting multiple people at a Kenosha protest. He allegedly killed two people.

Cellphone video that circulated on social media showed what appeared to be a White man with a semi-automatic rifle opening fire on a group of people during demonstrations over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Even more shocking was the guy walked up to police and they just drove right past him.

Sheriff David Beth said one victim was shot in the head and another in the chest, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The third victim’s wounds were not believed to life-threatening.