San Jose Sharks’ Logan Couture Was Sucker-Punched For Saying He Was Voting For Donald Trump (TWEET)

Politics in America has always been absolutely insane, and it has gotten so much worse since the election in 2016 that saw Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. Fast forward to 2020, and despite a global pandemic, people are going even more nuts than usual as the upcoming election gets closer and people fight online for their favorite political party.

The fighting apparently extends to the real world as well after San Jose Sharks captain Logan Couture says he was sucker-punched in Toronto on Tuesday night for talking politics.

Couture wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning that he talked about voting for the Republican Party and soon after he “mentioned Donald Trump by name,” he was punched.

He elaborated more in the replies when he stated he doesn’t actually vote and the very mention of his father being a former police officer set things off.

Not cool.

Couture had 16 goals and 23 assists during the Sharks down season where they finished 29-41-5.