A Married Wilson Ramos Being Accused of Texting IG Model From The On-Deck Circle During Game (VIDEO)

Over the years, we have heard and seen some of the most New York Mets things to happen without actually being shocked that it happened, because it’s the Mets. This next story has taken the cake.

Last season, Wilson Ramos was in the on-deck circle during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers when he found out he and his wife were having a 3rd child together.

Fast forward to over a year later and actor/producer Rico Simonini is claiming Ramos was somehow texting an Instagram model……while he was in that on-deck circle.

In the age of social media and just about everybody having a phone handy, it seems to be highly unlikely Ramos could’ve gotten away with texting somebody while in a on-deck circle and it just got out right now.

Ramos may ignore this story altogether because of how far-fetched it is, but if his wife comes asking him questions, then things may take a turn.

H/T – Bro Bible