Red Sox Pitcher’s Wife Goes Viral Threatening Divorce If He Keeps Walking Lead-Off Batters (TWEET)

The Boston Red Sox have been absolutely atrocious in 2020.

On Tuesday night, Boston reliever Robert Stock struggled in limited action as he gave up two runs in less than an inning’s worth of work.

Stocker quickly became a topic of conversation on social media, but it had more to do with his better half.

One viewer took a jab at Stock’s appearance, tweeting “I implore you all to put on the Red Sox game, they have this dude Robert Stock pitching, and he looks like he’s twice-divorced and completely given up on life. I can’t stop watching him. It’s transfixing.”

Sara Stocker, Robert’s wife, chimed and has since went viral for threatening divorce. She wrote back “0 times divorced, but if he keeps walking the lead-off batter, I’ll consider filing.”


Sara wasn’t done entertaining fans on Twitter, as she also stated “He’s got quarantine hair and might eat a little too much ice cream for a pro athlete but anything to get through 2020.”

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