German Soccer Player Goes In Stands To Confront Fan Who Disrespected Pregnant Wife, Unborn Child (VIDEO)

Toni Leistner is not a man to be disrespected, and even more so, you don’t want to see him in your face if you disrespect his family.

It looks like having fans in the stands during a pandemic isn’t all that great as displayed when Hamburg defender Toni Leistner left a postgame interview, jumped into the stands and pushed a Dresden fan after his team’s 4-1 loss in the German Cup on Monday.

The game featured 10,993 fans.

Leistner was set off after receiving “massive insults” toward his family. Leistner later said on Instagram that insults were “under the belt” against his family, partner and daughter. He apologized and promised never to react the way he did, “regardless what insults are thrown at me.”

Here is another angle:

The fan allegedly said this to him: