The Rock’s Ex-Wife, Dany Garcia, Tore Calf Muscle Celebrating Purchase of XFL (VIDEO)

Dany Garcia, one of the XFL’s new owners, had a bit of a bump in the road after purchasing the league, and it had nothing to do with her finances.

Garcia took to her Instagram story recently and revealed she tore her calf muscle while celebrating the purchase of the league.

“So one moment I’m running towards Dave and I’m jumping up and down yelling ‘I got it! I got it!’, the next moment I’m on the floor with a torn calf muscle. In fact I have been recovering these past eight weeks, and also reassessing, because you know, truthfully, setbacks are moments for reassessment…”

On top of tearing her calf muscle, we found out that The Rock and his entire family had tested positive for the coronavirus. Minor setback for a major comeback.

Best wishes to both of them as they continue to recover and do great things in the future.