Tito Ortiz Claims COVID-19 Is Man-Made Population Control ‘By the Left,’ Calls It The Chinese Virus (VIDEO)

Tito Ortiz certainly came out of left field with this one.

The MMA legend, who is currently running for political office in Huntington Beach, was recently doing an interview with the “I Only Touch Greatness” podcast when he claimed COVID-19 is a man made virus by the left to control the population.

“It’s all a political scam,” Tito explained … “I just shake my head about it because there’s been a lot of people who’s lives have been taken away because of it.”

It starts around 48:18:

“Once again, it’s population control by the left,” Tito says … “They’re trying to take out all of the older people who are getting social security and so forth.”

“It was made by a man, it’s a man-made virus and people need to understand that facts behind those things.”

Like many people who don’t believe in this virus, Tito thinks it will all “go away” after the election on Nov. 3rd.