Cantalupo Explores History Through 100-Year-Olds Who Lived It

The Former TPS YouTube Host is now preserving the history of events like Jackie Robinson’s first game, through the people who were there to witness it. Chapter One is streaming now on

Michael Cantalupo is focused on shedding light on the future, through the perspective of humans that have lived for over 100 years. Centenarians, who have witnessed first-hand more time than most people can even fathom, are the center of NewMemory’s latest production. Michael and his team are attempting to lift the veil on the wisdom this population has been harvesting throughout the years.

What seems like it could be a far cry from the work he was known for on TPS, Cantalupo is trying to use the personality style we loved for a larger audience. 

Joane Rogers, the first Centenarian we meet in the series, was born in Manhattan, New York in 1917.  The former tap dancer details to Cantalupo her experiences trying to stay current with technology, Frank Sinatra’s 0.25 cent performances, and the personal value of a lifelong friend. 

Cantalupo is trying to bridge a gap between generations because he knows we will desperately miss this first-hand generation when “The Greatest Generation” is gone.

Chapter One is streaming now on, and around the corner for Chapter Two, Cantalupo and Kyryllov will invite us to spend time with the late Civil Rights Icon and member of the National Association of Black Journalist’s Hall of Fame, Mr. Garth C. Reeves Sr. In Chapter Two, be prepared for Mr. Reeves to share his experience in the stands for Jackie Robinson’s first game and first home run.