Paige Spiranac Trashes The Padres After Fan Tells Her To Go Choke On Something (TWEET)

Paige Spiranac is one person who is not afraid to say what is on her mind, even when she is being blasted by folks on social media.

While she strictly is known for her golfing skills, she does dabble in other sports which is why she recently took to Twitter and blasted the San Diego Padres for having terrible uniforms, while revealing a member of their fan base told her to choke on a penis.

“The Padres uniforms are terrible and I’m not just saying that because a Padres fan told me to choke on a d–k today,” Spiranac tweeted.

When one follower disagreed, stating the uniforms are “easily top 3 in the mlb,” Spiranac doubled down on her take.

“The tan/brown pinstripes is not a good look,” the 27-year-old replied.

It was just last week when Spiranac learned the power of the Padres’ fan base after questioning the loyalty of fans in response to San Diego’s NL wild-card win.

“Tonight I learned Padres fans are scary and to never question their loyalty again. I’m sorry,” she wrote.

Paige ultimately got the last laugh after the Padres were swept out of the playoffs by the Dodgers.