Houston Astros Randomly Got Roasted By A U.S. Senator During Amy Coney Barrett Hearings: ‘Miserable Cheaters’ (VIDEO)

The Houston Astros can’t seem to catch a break.

The team is on the cusp of being swept by the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Championship Series and now they wake up today to Senator roasting them.

U.S Senator Ben Sasse was given his five minutes to question Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court nomination when he called out the Major League Baseball team for their cheating scandal.

“I’d like to talk about the Houston Astros, who are miserable cheaters,” Sasse said as he turned his attention to John Cornyn, who represents Texas. ” I think all baseball fans know that the Astros cheat. They steal signs. They bang on cans. They’ve done a whole bunch of miserable things, historically.”