Ex-Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Says LeBron Committed A Satanic ‘Blood Sacrifice’ of Kobe To Win 4th Title (TWEETS)

The Larry Johnson you once knew running wild on the field is no longer that person and hasn’t been in years.

These days, he is trying desperately to open people’s eyes to things in this world that are truly satanic and that includes from athletes and entertainers.

After the Lakers won the NBA championship last weekend, Johnson took to Twitter and accused LeBron James of sacrificing Kobe Bryant earlier in the year to get himself another ring.

Those are some crazy accusations Johnson is throwing out there, but as you can see, he is not apologizing for what he truly believes in.

Johnson played for the Kansas City Chiefs for most of his career and ran for more than 1,700 yards in 2005 and 2006, making the Pro Bowl each season.

Overall, Johnson ran for 6,223 yards in nine seasons, also playing briefly for the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins.