Washington’s Ex-Cheerleader Director Says Dan Snyder Once Said “Keep Them Skinny With Big T-ts or I’ll F–king Kill You”

Just when you thought the Washington franchise couldn’t get anymore embarrasing, another story comes out on just how bad the culture is under wner Dan Snyder.

On Friday, the Washington Post dropped another story on how Washington’s former cheerleading director says Dan Snyder once threatened to kill him if he didn’t keep cheerleaders with big tits and skinny.

“Like the cheerleaders he led, Donald Wells, who served as director from 1997 to 2009, is taking a hard look back at his experience with the team. He regrets that he could not have done more to protect the women. He also recalled a remark by Snyder that Wells said reveals his disrespect for the cheerleaders, their hard work and the value they brought to the team.

“You better keep them skinny with big tits or I’ll f—— kill you,” Wells said Snyder told him at a 2004 charity event where the squad performed.

Snyder, who has been the team’s majority owner since 1999, declined an interview request for this story and did not respond to questions sent to his attorney and public relations firm about the comment Wells said he made.”

The franchise has been under the microscope for the entire summer, and the spotlight only got hotter back in August as a new bombshell report detailed allegations against team owner Daniel Snyder and several former executives accusing them of secretly recording cheerleaders in compromising positions.

The Washington Post revealed accusations by several women who detailed incidents of inappropriate behavior in the organization over the last decade, including one Snyder himself allegedly telling a cheerleader to go up to a hotel room with one of his friends to “get to know each other better.” The video described in The Post’s report was from a 2008 cheerleader swimsuit shoot in which the outtakes would be used to show what was described as the women’s “good bits.”

“I feel betrayed and violated,” Heather Tran told the newspaper.

Scourby added: “I’m horrified. I’m nauseous. The video was a huge violation of my sisters and I.”