Floyd Mayweather Trolls “You Motherf—ing Haters” By Showing Off Expensive Car Collection (VIDEO)

Nobody likes to flex their riches more than Floyd Mayweather. Aside from being famous in boxing, he is also famous for showing off his expensive cars.

Mayweather, who retire with 50 wins (27 KOs) and 0 losses, is said to have car collections in two different places, one at his Las Vegas home and the other at his home in Los Angeles.

While one collection is all white, his recent post shows off the black collection while he trolls his haters.

“The motivation, the motivation, the motivation,” Floyd started. “I’m your host on this season of ‘You motherf—ing haters.’ ”

“A lot of you motherf—ers ain’t no haters, a lot of you show love, let’s go have some fun,” Floyd continued.

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“You know what? Today is Friday. You guys tell me: What should I take out tonight and have fun on this Friday?”

“It could be Ferrari Friday since it’s Friday,” Mayweather said.