Mike McCarthy Offers Concerning Quote After Blowout Loss To Cardinals (VIDEO)

The Dallas Cowboys were already in the midst of a disappointing 2020 season, but it got that much worse during Monday Night Football when the Andy Dalton showed the world that he is not capable of stepping in Dak Prescott’s role and putting points on the board to help a struggling defense.

The Cowboys played arguably their worst game of the year, which came as a surprise to head coach Mike McCarthy, who actually told reporters after the 38-10 loss that he felt the team was extremely prepared.

That is very concerning since Ezekiel Elliott didn’t help matters by fumbling the ball twice in the first half.

The offense could really only muster up 3 points before they scored a garbage time touchdown in the 4th quarter when the game was already decided.

Even after yet another tough loss, the Cowboys somehow remain in first in the NFC East.