Car Runs Over Cyclist As Dodgers Fan Burn & Loot The City After World Series Win (VIDEO)

Los Angeles has officially transformed into Titletown.

For the second time in October, the city claimed a major sports championship as the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-1, in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series. This comes just weeks after the LeBron James-led Lakers already brought home the NBA title after topping the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

The Dodgers triumph ends a 32-year championship drought for one of MLB’s most decorated franchises.

The fan base was beyond excited, but it got out of hand as thousands hit the streets to celebrate.

TMZ posted some of the celebration video and it showed one cyclist being mowed down by a car as it sped off into the night. That cyclist appeared to be unharmed as the guy jumped right back up on his feet.

That was only the start of the night as others dove into bad behavior across the city, setting fires, looting local stores, and a bunch of people getting arrested.