C.J. Gardner-Johnson Speaks On Being Accused of Spitting On Javon Wims, Getting Punched By Michael Thomas

C.J. Gardner-Johnson declined to elaborate much on what led to him being punched by both teammate Michael Thomas and Chicago Bears receiver Javon Wims in two separate incidents over the past month.

The New Orleans Saints safety, however, did deny a report that he spit on Wims, which led to punches being thrown and the Bears WR being ejected from the game.

“It ain’t got nothing to do with me. If he’s acting out, that’s on him,” Gardner-Johnson said. “It wasn’t no incident. We won the game. I mean, everybody, it’s a lot of he said, he said. Ain’t nothing happened. Nobody got spit on.

“Shouldn’t be nowhere near the field of play when the game’s going on. So I ain’t answering no more questions about that.”

Gardner-Johnson did take a verbal jab at Wims on Instagram after the game, saying, “That man punch like a female” with a crying/laughing emoji.

Gardner-Johnson offered even less detail on what led to the altercation with Thomas during a Week 5 practice.

“He’s still my teammate. There’s still respect for him. Can’t wait for him to get back so we can play football,” Gardner-Johnson said of Thomas — who still hasn’t returned to the field because of a Week 7 hamstring injury. “I’m not speaking on that situation, I’m sorry. I mean we’re good. I see him every day. So I can’t wait ’til he gets back.”

“I play football. It’s football, guys get chippy. I don’t know what to tell you,” said Gardner-Johnson, who was drafted by the Saints in the fourth round in 2019 before carving out a significant role as a nickel back. “I wouldn’t be here today if I’m not me. So I’m not gonna change for nobody. I’m out there playing football. So if it goes farther than that … it has nothing to do with me.”