NFL Could Have 16-Team Postseason If League Loses Games Due To COVID-19

(Photo by CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images)

The reality of all teams being affected by COVID-19 is hitting the NFL hard in recent weeks.

Games have been postponed and moved to later dates, and it might come to the point where a game or games might just get cancelled and not rescheduled.

Because of that, the Competition Committee will present a resolution to NFL owners for an expanded postseason if regular-season games are lost to COVID-19.

“NFL competition committee expects to present a resolution to owners based on a contingency of having a 16-team playoff season (8 in each conference) if games are lost due to the pandemic, especially as bye weeks disappear, according to league sources. Committee met by zoom today.”

The first-round playoff pairings would pit 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5 in each conference.

Back in 1982, the league went to an expanded postseason after a 57-day players’ strike. The league played only nine regular-season games, but they instituted the 16-team playoff.

Unlike in 1982, the league won’t be ignoring division standings for seeding.